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Mild Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3KW 8mm 14mm 20mm Fine Edge Quality

Mild Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3KW 8mm 14mm 20mm Fine Edge Quality

  • 10 Dec, 2018

6000*2000mm Cutting table Fiber metal Laser Cutting Machine user job shop .

The 3kw Baisheng Laser with shuttle table 6000*2000 cuts 8mm-20mm carbon steel ,parts cut i highest volume. The edges don't need to be deburred ,can be power-coated directly without any worry.


Mild Steel
Laser Cutting Mild Steel
Mild steel is one of the most common metals metal fabricators work with, sheet metal suppliers can provide a wide variety of mild steel grades. It is the most inexpensive type of steel and also the most widely used steel variant,  due to its hardness, durability and its multiple applications. The most common uses of mild steel include cookware and car chassis, though due to its corrodible nature and comparatively low weight-bearing strength, only certain varieties can be used for building or structural purposes.

Laser cut mild steel normally with assisted gas O2.

Fiber Laser Cut quality guide

1.using quality fiber laser cutting machine

2.tweaking right parameters 

3.Verify that the lens in cutting  is clean and in good condition and also copper nozzle with proper orifice.

4.Standard cutting gas.enough pressure and clean enough.

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