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Hand held Laser Welding Machine for 3mm Stainless steel , Aluminum and Copper welding

Hand held Laser Welding Machine for 3mm Stainless steel , Aluminum and Copper welding

super slim Hand held  laser welding machine with  easy control , long delivery cable for bigger working area, no need solder wire.portable welding head. touch screen display,easy to operate ,1000w 1500w laser for aluminum copper ,SS .CS ,alloy welding and laser filler wire welding function option.

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Laser welding replaces TIG.Laser welding is more accessible and affordable than ever, Hand held Laser Welding Machine can be used for Varieties of workpieces, welding at any angles.Titanium Laser Beam Welding High is one of the laser welding .Laser welding machine features higher welding efficiency,no need solder wire, small heat affected zone, solid and beautiful welding joints.

Handheld laser welding machine is at present applying to much different welding fileds, such as stitch welding, stack welding, vertical welding (T-type, L-type), etc.

Lighter handc held torch design, make welding easier and more very popular in 3D welding and cutting industries. 

ND18 Hand-held wobble laser welding head+System solution 

1.This welding head could be widely used in complex and irregular welding process such as cabinets, kitchen, staircase, shelf, gridiron, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel furniture and other industries. It is a perfect replacement of traditional argon arc welding, in welding thin stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials. 

2.Smart internal design and interactive control system expand the tolerance range and welding width of the processing parts, and solve the disadvantage of minor laser welding spot, and provide better welding forming.

3.Light shape, Ergonomic design, advanced structure, and reliable performance ensure comfort grip and simple operation.

4.Nice welding seam, fast welding speed, no consumables, no welding marks, no discoloration, no later polish.

5.This head could be equipped with a variety of angular nozzles to meet the welding needs of different products.

Figure 1: smaller footprint laser welder ,all-in-one design ,laser source ,water chiller stowed inside the cabin.

Laser welding advantages:

1/material welded by self-melting,no base materials needed.2/deeper penetration and higher welding strength. 3/welding surface is bright and smooth ,no need for polishing ,3/less heat input with little thermal deformation 4/efficiency improved several times than traditional arc welding 5/welding of different materials ,carbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum etc 6/different welding type ,butt joint lap joint, corner joint ,flanging joint, 7/environment friendly ,little smoke during welding .

laser welding machine

Figure 2-WSX ND18 WOBBLE MINI WELDING HEAD. This laser head exclusive for max 1500W laser welding application .molten depth up to 4mm.

Choose right copper nozzle for different welding applications.

Figure 3 -7 inches touch screen WSX control display.English and Chinese operation languages.

laser filler wire welding for certain big gap or necessory application.


 hand held laser head


China WSX brand 


WSX  welding system

manual welding head

WSX 3D head

WSX system 




water chiller


S&A brand/others 

wave length

1070±20 nm


laser Incident Mode



head connect way



collimating lens



focus length



adjustable width 



head weight



thickness of welding

CS/ 0.5—4.0mm/ SS/ 0.5-4.0mm



CS  thickness of welding                                                                                

0.5mm                                                       max4m/min

1mm                                                            max1.5m/min

2mm                                                        max  0.5m/min

SS thickness 0.5m  max5m/min

       1mm  max  2.5m/min

       2mm  max  0.5m/min

Aluminum  0.5mm  max  speed3m/min

       1mm max  1.5m/min

       1.5m  max  0.5min  /min

Figure 4:Ready stock  for rapid delivery to customers .-Delivery Period :7-10 days.

Figure 5 -workshop and packing .popular among some customers in welding field.



Laser welding has numerous advantages and benefits, Laser welded mild steel tube, two sheet -right angle welding together. flat welding of two sheets.

Speed of laser welding

With laser welding, it is easy to reach weld speeds of 5 m/min, which is  higher than that from conventional TIG welding, but lower than that from induction welding. However, the laser can reach these speeds even on thicker materials; it depends on laser power .laser head and the buyer budget.

Weld seam properties

A weld seam made by any technology has three basic zones – molten zone, heat affected zone, and transition zone in the basic material. Laser welding makes the seams narrower because of fast cooling rates, an advantage because this produces low distortion and low heat degradation of the basic material

Laser welding has numerous advantages and benefits



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