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Co2 Laser & Marking Machine


Co2 Laser & Marking Machine

New Products

  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Shuttle Table and protective cover Compact size 3000*1500mm worksite wth rapid 9-13 seconds shuttle table, fully enclosed CE standard cutting monitoring .Laser sources: IPG and Raycus 1.5KW 2KW 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 6KW 8KW 12KW More

  • Big metal tube laser cutting machine

    Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Big Heavy Tubes 20-350mm Diameter Large diameter 350mm Tube Laser Cutting Machine ,it can cut varieties of small and big thick tubes .Fast and high accuracy. Big pneumatic chucks , applied for cutting small to large square tube ,round pipe ,rectangle tube,oval tube ...and some U beam ,L beam ,profile.1000W-3000W laser power. More

  • Sheet and Pipe Laser cutting machine

    Sheet and Pipe Fiber Laser Machine With Shuttle Table For Sale Sheet and pipe laser cutting machine with shuttle table 3000*1500mm is a highly practical laser.For one thing,it is dual use laser machine capable of cutting sheet metal and pipes right in the same machine ,which saves shop floor space and cost for two separated laser machine. And the open shuttle table can improve processing efficiency.It is State-of-the-art flying optics laser cutting machines. More

  • 1KW Fiber Laser Machine

    1KW Flatbed 1530 Fiber Laser Machine for Metals Hot selling flatbed 3015 fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metals like Aluminium brass SS MS carbon steel..galvanized steel. laser power:500W-2000W  More

  • 1310 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

    1300*1000 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 150W for Acrylic and Wood Cutting Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 150W for Acrylic and Wood Cutting:LAS-1310 has 1300*1000 cutting area,aluminium blade table or honeycomb table,single or double cutting head. Better cut edge quality and accuray. More

  • laser for cutting tube and hollow

    Tube and Hollow Section Laser Cutting Machine Tube and Hollow Section Laser Cutting Machine 1KW 1500W 2KW Metal Tube laser cutting machine for cutting Hollow Section Tubes,Bevel Tube,steel rectangular tube,pipes beams,square tubes and box.The laser has cnc cyptube control system ,auto focusing cutting head. dual pneumatic control chucks, More

1.Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20W 30W 50W with 200*200mm marking area.

2.Co2 Laser Cutting Machine and Co2 Laser Engraving Machine - work size: 5030(500*300mm) 6040 9060 1310 1490 1610 1613 2513 2516 3020.

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