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What is Laser Cutting Assist Gases Requirement and Classification

What is Laser Cutting Assist Gases Requirement and Classification

  • 2018/10/31

What is Laser Cutting Assist gases requirement and classification,use?

(Air):Thin gauge materials can be laser cut with clean shop air. About the clean air source ,pls refers to our option of screw air compressor system- dry air assist systems.

It is better to use the screw type air compressor (stable pressure of 1.2-1.3MPa, the displacement of 1000L/min), Prepare with you a 3-grade filtration device (Q.P.S) and that equipped with air dryer (capacity 2.5Nm2/min), an air storage tank (0.6 cubic meters). Recommend to select the quality filter, the higher the configuration, the least possibility of being contaminated to the protective lens by oil and water. Thus ,the cutting effect is better. . the above configuration for air laser cut is capable of cutting stainless steel less than 2mm,mild steel 1.5mm.

1. Air compressor + 2. Air storage tank +3. Filter+ 4. Cold dryer+5. Filters + 6. Oil filter to laser.

Customers should prepare themselves with the model of air compressor : (Note: high end or low end  air compressor both affect the cutting effect







Screw machine

1.1M3/min 1.3Mpa



Air tank





2.5 M3/min



Precise filter

024QPS grade



Oil filter for laser



Special for laser

The edges don’t need to be deburred, and even with using shop air, the parts can be powder-coated without much worry. With thicker parts, laser cutting with shop air leaves an edge similar to what a plasma cutter would deliver, which is OK in most instances.

(O2): When using oxygen as assist gas, the pressure is to be up to 1MPa and purity of 99.9%; when cutting iron, an additional small carburetor has to be added with vaporization capacity 30NM3/H or vaporization flow amount  50NM3/H

ferrous materials—need oxygen to assist cutting .How O2 assists laser cutting?

The exothemic reaction of o2 burns the ferrous materials- carbon steel/mild steel and expels the molten materials leaving kerf.

(N2 ): Machine tool builders typically suggest that nitrogen be used as the laser cutting assist gas because it expels molten material from the kerf as the cutting head whizzes down the sheet, without leaving an oxidized edge.

Laser cut with stainless steel,its pressure reaches 2MPa ,in other name 20KG,purity of 99.999%;A capacity for Carburetor is 50N3/H with design pressure 2.5MPA. When using with small cylinder of  N2 for cutting, a high pressure nitrogen meter is a must with range from 0 to 6MPa.


Below fig:

Liquified nitrogen Dewar tanks+carburetor

A high quality laser cut depends on many factors ,laser machine itself ,assist gas,nozzle,material,slats,environment ,operators skills...Attaining a burr-free cut is about setting up the laser beam parameters and gas flow dynamics to work together to ensure the right amount of molten metal evacuates the kerf at the right time and in the right way. More laser cutting machines' information and other products like laser tube cutting machine,professional metal tube laser cutting machine etc Fiber laser cutting machine china here!

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