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What changes does the CNC fiber laser cutting machine bring to the enterprises?

What changes does the CNC fiber laser cutting machine bring to the enterprises?

  • 2020/03/04

What changes does the CNC  fiber laser cutting machine bring to the enterprises?

Firstly,let's know what is CNC laser cutting machine. It is also called metal laser cutting machine or optical fiber laser cutting machine, which is a kind of intelligent equipment. Unlike the traditional complicated cutting, the operator needs only to import the data to be cut on the computer, or simple edit drawing on the console ,start the machine, then the machine will run automatically, and carry out the integrated operation of the equipment for precise cutting of the plates to be processed.

CNC laser cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine is a good helper for machinery factory, sheet metal plate factory and water tank factory. It's easy to cut and process. Sophistecated seasoned operators are  no longer necessary so much . The laser can also be operated skillfully after simple training7-10 days . It saves a lot of expenses and costs for the enterprise in terms of labor cost and time and good for new employment of operators  . Now with the progress of technology, customers have higher and higher requirements on products, so the metal laser cutting machine manufacturers have done better and better on the basis of absorbing good technique and abandoning backward building skills.; the former metal processing machine is not so accurate in cutting , easy to bring burr, scrape, and low efficiency. With the use of CNC laser cutting machine, these problems have been solved With the improvement of efficiency, the edge quality of the cut workpieces are acceptable and satisfying ,and the precision is high.

The rack and pinion design, with the precision guide rail equipped with the cutting machine ensures the smooth operation of the cross beam without any ned for adjustment of machine bed .  While effectively ensuring the cutting effect of the edges, it greatly improves the working efficiency. The machine tool has been annealed at critical high temperature 650℃,age treatment,precise milling . and its structure is stable and solid. It is produced exclusively for the laser precessing enterprise to improve the working efficiency. The novice can also operate the machine to complete the cutting.,saving a lot of labor costs.

The emergence of the new CNC laser cutting machine reduces the labor intensity of the staff, no longer a tired work as before, and the workload is not so large. Now it is very easy to laser-cut thick plates to meet the requirements of customers; at the same time, the production efficiency is higher than before, which also improves the income of the enterprise invisibly.

Laser shop ,periodical off-time for mainterance of fiber laser .

large throughput laser processing 24 hours round the o'clock laser cut is ok

Mexican fabricator .Baisheng laser machine sold  worldwide.

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