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What Are the Advantages of Fiber Laser ?

What Are the Advantages of Fiber Laser ?

  • 2018/09/28

Fiber Laser Advantages

Conclusion : Fiber laser is a time saver and enegy saver for metal fabrication and the main stream for now and the future.

The modern fiber laser is composed of multimode high power diodes with a single emitter or diode bars, usually passing through a cladding layer surrounding a single mode nucleus. This unique style of nucleus ranges between 5 to 12μm micrometre in diameter. The double clad fiber-optic cable consists of a unique internal nucleus  doped with ions,  such as neody neodymium, erbium ytterbium and thulium.The cladding is made of undoped glass with a small refractive index. The pump light is injected into the cladding and then propagates along the structure passing through the active nucleus core and producing a population inversion. The emission wavelength depends on the options offered by the doped fiber and of the type of reflector used (a typical example would be Bragg gratings)

The transmission of the beam in the fiber laser is realized by diodes and fiber optic cables, rather than requiring the presence of CO2 gas. By not requiring a specific distance between mirrors, thanks to this new technology, the machine design can be much more compact.

However, the most significant advantage of fiber laser is its energy efficiency. Fiber lasers are more energy efficient than CO2 lasers. A CO2 cutting system effectively uses between 8 and 10% of the energy, while the fiber laser users can expect efficiency figures of between 25 and 30%. In other words, the total energy consumption of a fiber system is between 3 and 5 times lower than a CO2 system, making it 86% more efficient.

Fiber lasers also have advantageous light properties such as a shorter wavelength, which enhances the absorption of the beam by the material to be cut, and allows cutting of non-conductive metals such as brass and copper. Up to 6mm, a 1.5kW fiber laser has a cutting speed equivalent to a 3kW CO2 laser, which translates into higher productivity at lower operating costs, as operating costs of a fiber system are lower than those of a traditional CO2 system.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

At present, more and more fiber laser machines are running in metal fabricators’ job shops because their high efficiency in cutting, good cut edge quality, less power draw, very less maintenance. Easier to operate and most of all price for laser cutting machine has decreased year by year.

Many China Laser Machine Manufacturers have entered the global market for building CNC Laser Cutting Machine. For example in Canton province of south China. There are more than 10 big laser manufacturers. As a buyer of China laser machine told that a company called Baisheng Laser company in Guangzhou already has the ability to produce and sell more than 500 sets fiber laser machines of all kind one year, like Fiber Laser Cutting Machine,Co2 Laser Cutting Machine etc laser machine…so you can imagine how big the market of fiber laser is ….

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