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Trends in the China laser cutting machine market

Trends in the China laser cutting machine market

  • 2019/07/30

Trends in the China laser cutting machine market. How is the market for fiber laser in China ?

We can see more and more fiber laser cutting machine using in metal fabrication ,not only used in job shops that provide contract processing service ,but more and more production companies are using fiber laser cutting machine in-house producing their own products .

In the next 8 years, China's laser cutting machine market demand will reach more than 100 billion yuan(14.705 billion dollars) .Up to 2019,there are nearly 100 laser brands selling and producing fiber laser cutting machines.These manufacturers in general locate in Guangdong province ,Wuhan ,of Hubei Province, Jiangsu province, Anhui province ,Zhejiang province ,Shandong province and Shanghai city. Of all these brands ,about 25 brands with at least 4-5 years history in fiber laser  are able to build full series laser machines ,producing all table size ,low to high power ,sheet metal laser and professional tube laser cutting machine ,steel coil cutting machine ...

.Dozens of thousand fiber laser machines were made in China each year,which were used in domestic or exported to overseas countries. There are some datas :50% of IPG lasers are sold to China. China Laser source Raycus Sales of $1.5 billion RMB( 2.647 billion dollars ) in 2018,2016-2018,Income growth rate reached 179.6%. .  Domestic China is prime market for laser cutting machines Made in China.

Large thick steel plate laser cutting machine will be more widely used in China's construction machinery industry. The global laser manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, and the gap between China and international laser technology has decreasing. High-end laser processing equipment is absolutely made in China without any problem, resulting in a 90% laser machine share in China.

fiber laser cutting machine

overeas market for fiber laser cutting machine from China.

As told by one of the leading fiber laser manufacturer in south China ,Baisheng laser ,at present ,more and more cnc fiber laser machines were seen in all major metal fabrication exhibitions ,because its high performance and cost-effective ,most countries including developed countries like Germany ,America,Italy.are importing fiber laser from China.

figure 2-Foshan Baisheng laser in Milan Italy

 China laser cutting machine

How is India Laser Machine Market related to China?

There are not a few laser cutting machine brands marketing in india. India has a 5% share of the more than $12 billion global laser market. There is a compound annual growth rate of 11.6% In India market .

The laser market is driven by industries such as automotive, heavy industry, infrastructure, electronics, consumer durables, railways, and others. The automotive sector is growing

The 2D fiber laser cutting machine market is currently the fastest-growing laser market.

in India. The overall number of cutting machines sold in 2018 was in the range of 9001000 units.There are many brands of laser equipments from Europe ,Japan ,Turkey America ,,,anyway You see many more laser brands from China, In most machine tool exhitions ,metal fabrication exhitions or fair ,most of booths with  fiber laser cutting machine are from China.

It is mostly dominated by Chinese machine manufacturers such as south China’s named brands: BSLASER BAISHENG LASER, HSG Laser HAN'S...and brands from Jinan Shandong province in north China: Bodor Laser, GW. SF.. and many others through their agents ,distributors ,resellers .Mumbai,Pune, Delhi, and another 2530 distributors selling Chinese cutting machines, a few Chinese laser brands have their own offices in India.

Most of these machines use fiber lasers from either IPG Photonics or Chinese fiber lasers from Raycus or Max Photonics Lianpin laser,JPT laser as the source and using Chinese laser control software-cypcut ,cyptube from Friendness company .Chinese brand WSX cutting head.

.International fiber laser cutting machine suppliers like Amada,TRUMPF, Nikon and Bystronic have reduced their selling prices facing competition however, they are mainly focusing on high power high cost .Small and Medium Power Laser Cutting Machine of China are more competitive.  Of course ,there are also fiber laser cutting machine ,fiber marking machine ,co2 laser machine are made or integraded locally. The  percentage (915%) of the market has been captured by Indian machine integrators with Suresh Indu Laser (Pune) taking the lead with the largest share, by Mehta CAD CAM (Ahmedabad), Sahajanand Laser Technology (Ahmedabad), Messer, Protec, and many others.

India laser market is anticipated to grow further in 2019 to 40% more than what it was previously. .

In a word ,in the nearly future ,Fiber laser cutting machine from China will be used in more and more countries and ocupies higher market share.

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