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Need to Know About Laser Tube Cutting Advantages Over Pipe Saw and Flame Cutter

Need to Know About Laser Tube Cutting Advantages Over Pipe Saw and Flame Cutter

  • 2020/04/24

Metal fabricator Need to Know About Laser Tube Cutting Advantages Over Pipe Saw and Flame Cutter

a article to brief  a few cutter tools for cutting steel pipe,metal tube etc.

Most metal fabricators have a strong understanding of metal pipe and tube can be cut by not a few tools ! what is at present the popular and main-stream industrial tool for metal pipe cutting ? The cutting tool supposed to be fiber laser tube cutting machine.What has the fiber laser done for tube cutting?  How tube Laser cutter works?Before the introduction of laser metal tube cutting ,let’s see a few ways to process the pipe and tubes.

1/Manual Pipe Cutters

There’s nothing wrong with using a good, old-fashioned hacksaw, although torturous work to cut metals pipes.economic for easy works.

Hinged pipe cutters

Hinged pipe cutters rapidly cut through 50mm to 305mm  diameter sheet steel and iron pipe. larger pipe sizes can also be cut by two-man  . Designed for tight spaces, this type of pipe cutter allows for minimal cutter rotation. Manual pipe cutters typically contain cutting wheels that guide the cutting mechanism in a straight path around pipe that is up to 50mm in diameter

Circular Saw Cutter-,Small economic tool.but Separation cut only,lower cutting efficiency,noisy,smelly.

Orbital pipe saws

are low cost and cut most any type of metal pipe by manually rotating the machine around the pipe. An electric motor within the machine then cuts the pipe. This type of pipe cutter has a cutting range of 1/4 to 12 inches in diameter and produces a burr-free cut. Cutting pipe on site is easier with a reciprocating pipe saw. It has a cutting range of 1 to 12-inches in diameter, is lightweight and can cut stainless steel. Reciprocating pipe saws come in pneumatic or electric versions. A handheld rotary tool equipped with a cut-off wheel accessory can also cut through steel pipes.

Jigsaw cutter: normally for wood working and thin steel .thin pipe

Flame Cutters for metal pipes -larger heat affected zone ,Combustion cutting is not environmentally friendly

There are 2 main types of torches which you can use to cut metal pipes including the plasma torches and the oxy-acetylene torches.

the flame cutter offers easy and accurate cuts.The plasma torch is more suitable for cutting metal pipes with thin diameters. The reason is that the plasma torch will not wrap these pipes like the oxy-acetylene torch would do.

The oxy-acetylene is only used when you need to cut thick steel pipe.Keep in mind that stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, and alloy pipes can’t be cut with a torch.

Laser Tube Cutting

What you need to know about laser tube cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in metal fabrication ,for its high wall plug efficiency,fine cut edge quality.stable running performance .easy maintenance ,less consumables.It can cut both plate and pipe of materials -stainless steel ,carbon steel,mild steel ,cast-iron steel,alloy,gavalnized steel ,aluminum ,brass ,copper etc.

Laser tube and pipe cutting machine basically is divided into two kinds ,dual-use laser sheet and pipe cutting laser ,professional laser tube cutting machine .Basically the cutting of tube with diameter 10mm to 500mm ,tube length up to 10 meters .SS, CS ,brass, aluminium pipe and tube ,U beam. L beam H section..hollow sections,profile.Rectangular Tube:Oval Tubes,L-shaped and C-shaped profiles.

Two kinds of fiber laser for steel pipe cutting:

Fiber laser cutting machine

Both two fiber laser can cut metal tubes with fine edge quality.

There are laser cutting machine for tube cutting with automatic feeding equipment,:Bundle loaders, the most efficient of the tube material handling options, feed one tube at a time from the bundle into the tube laser via a singularizing system.

best metal tube cutting tool

Tube laser cutting machines usually only require a maximum of 3kW of power.normally wall thinkness below 12mm ,the cut edge quality is the best . With a tube, you always have to think about the opposite side of the tube you are cutting. A more powerful laser simply would blow through the other side of the tube during cutting. (Of course, if you are processing a beam or a channel on the tube laser you don’t have to worry about another side.)

best metal tube cutting tool

Specialized profile ,varieties of pipe and tube can be cut by laser,Baisheng Laser steel pipe laser F6020GE demonstration of chucks clamping tubes:

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