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How to choose tube lasers machine from China?

How to choose tube lasers machine from China?

  • 2018/10/05

Choose the tube lasers that suit you best!

Metal cutting lasers are nothing new. Introduced to the metal fabrication industry decades ago, their use is so widespread

 Laser cutting tube is a highly productive and flexible method of tube processing which is now finding applications in all industries.-

The tube laser cutting machine will cut carbon, stainless, aluminum and brass in round, square, rectangular and irregular shapes.

Examples of tube and hollow-section profiles


Besides of the longtime tube laser machine manufacturers, TRUMPF and BLM Group USA,LVD,There are more and more excellent cost-effective tube laser manufacturers from China.These tube lasers really  appeal to service centers and job shops for both machine quality and price.

How fabricators choose the suitable tube lasers machine from China?

1.versatile tube and sheet dual-use laser cutting machine of China make.

Both tube and sheet metal can be cut in one machine ,it saves job shop floor space and investment. Such tube cutting lasers focus more on sheet metal cutting and tube and pipe and profile cutting is a makeup that designed for users having more flexible laser processing capability.Anyway Cutting accuracy ,efficiency is not good as the professional tube lasers,but still can meet most tube processing requirment . Such models do not offer loaders, unloaders, or much in the way of bells and whistles, but the big advantage is that  machines cost less than some high-end luxury automobiles.

Therefore such versatible lasers are very popular,widely used in China,South East of Asia.India...

Baisheng Laser Model F3015BE it handles round tube in sizes up to 6 in. OD and 4.13 in..OD side length in square, rectangular, and some profile.Max tube length up to 6M.(3M and 6M option).And also another model F3015HBE having shuttle table.

2.Semi-Automated professional 6M tube laser cutter with loader

Baisheng’s tube laser models F6015GE F6020GEcut ODs from 19mm to 150mm. and 19mm to 200mm respectively.They are powered by 1000W-2000W IPG laser. Resonators.they cut  round, square, rectangular tubes ,L beam.U beams.

The auto loader shortens the cycle time to make the machine more productive.The system is able to nest the parts, filling the sheet or partial sheet as efficiently as possible.

3.Automated loading professional tube laser  with loader used for large bundles of tubes for long production runs.

Baisheng laser F6030GE cuts tube and profile up to 12 in. outside diameter (OD) and up to 0.4 in. thick.

It  accepts lengths up to 20 ft and equipped with versatile chucksof pneumatic control.The laser is used for companies having long throughput tube processing,The cycle time improved by 35 to 40 percent.It is recommended for buyers have more  budgets

and larger diameter tube processing requirement.

Fabricators should have a clear mind as to determine which kind of tube laser they need, it is kind of a consideration between investment and processing requirement.Boss should consider cost return....

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