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How much does a laser cutting machine cost from China

How much does a laser cutting machine cost from China

  • 2019/11/22

How much does a laser cutting machine cost from China?

At present ,lower price for laser cutting machine now ,more and more laser cutting machine sold from China ,and fiber laser source is reducing price than before.

About co2 laser cutting machine ,cutting table size 500*300mm  600*400mm to 1200*900mm ,1300*1000mm or even bigger 1600*1000mm worktable ,35W to normal 120w ,EXW price starting from 1900USD to 3500USD. Some users may take bigger 2500*1300mm table for big acrylic cutting ,the cost will be higher up to 4000USD-4500USD

And about price of a fiber metal laser cutting machine ,the cost depends on laser power and cutting table ,sheet metal cutting laser or laser tube cutter.there are some factors for total cost:IPG laser source costs more than China Raycus laser source.

Baisically ,for a new starter fabricator ,he may order a 1KW  fiber laser with 3000*1500mm worktable,such open type flatbed laser is userful and popular ,less budget and ocupies smaller jobshop.(4500*2700*2000mm space ). such a 1KW Ipg 3015 type ,industrial grade laser machine will cost aroud 46000USD FOB,if shifted to raycus laser 1000W about 43000USD. There are also economic one ,works with 1000W laser ,lower configurations but still popular and useful ,quoted at 33,000USD,dual drive ,rack and opinion type.It needs a 20GP container to ship to your place.

Some fabricators may require a shuttle table and cover ,it may take 10,000USD extra. And the bigger machine will ask for a 40HQ to be shipped.

Of course ,if you need a professional laser tube and pipe cutting machine ,like 6020 pipe laser cutter .it will cost not a few.for  1KW price, most factories will quote at 86,000USD ..

Does Laser Cutting Machine Make Money ? yes ,more and more metal fabricators shifted to use fiber laser ,it saves power draw,it cuts better .the machine requires very less mainterance .you can run the machine for 24 hours no offtime if your processing business is good.

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