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How is Laser tube cutting machine from China and how is the metal tube laser cutting accuracy

How is Laser tube cutting machine from China and how is the metal tube laser cutting accuracy

  • 2019/09/29

How is Laser tube cutting machine from China ? how is the tube cutting accuracy ?how is the pipe laser working performance and life span? What features they have and advantages over those from Europe

Here is some parameters from the F6020GE laser tube cutting machine from one of leading laser machine manufacturer Foshan Baisheng laser company:

Laser wave:1070-1080nm

electro-optic conversion efficiency :25-35%

Thinkness to be cut:0.5-5mm(depends on materials and laser power,normally thinkness over 5mm its edges quality worse.)

Kerf of the cut:0.1-0.3mm

Reposition accuracy:±0.05mm/1000mm

Positioning accuracy:±0.03mm

W axis(revolution axis) max rotary speed:100-140rpm

Max running speed:50-80m/min

Max acceleration speed:0.8-1.0G

Max pipe workpiece weight: 200kg

Y axis travel:6000mm

X axis travel distance:200mm

Z axis travel distance:200mm

Remaining cut end:≥200mm(when installed with special clamp shorten to 100-150mm)

Pipe and tube diameters range:  round pipe Φ20-200mm,square tube :20*20-150*150mm

Net weight :5000kg

Powew supply:380V 50Hz


Tube support:servo motor control,coordinate type control.automated up/down height control .

If tube fabricators need bigger diameter tube cutting  ,heavy duty professional laser machine ,there are also F6035GE for cutting 20-350MM metal pipe and tube ,all materials from small to big diameter including specialized tube ,profile ,beams

of course ,there are matching automated loading offloading system ,depending on price.

conclusion ,fiber laser for tube cutting made in China is more cost-effective compared to those earlier suppliers from America ,Europe. cutting edge quality and accuracy is satisfying .acceptable .sourcing laser cutting machine in China is a smart choice

here are some videos

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