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How is IPG YLR-3000 and YLS-3000 single module and multi-module laser cutting performance

How is IPG YLR-3000 and YLS-3000 single module and multi-module laser cutting performance

  • 2020/04/15
How is the IPG YLR-3000(50um) single module laser generator cutting performance?

Nowadays more and more laser machine suppliers supply customer with 3KW IPG LASER YLR-3000 for it is cost-effective ,less expensive ,and IPG manufacturer also wants to promote the YLR 3kw laser but how is its cutting performance?

It is lower price ,cost-effective,is it good generator? Laser machine supplier China Foshan Baisheng laser company ,as a long history laser company, Baisheng has tested the laser and give you a suggestion:

YLR-3000 LASER ,smaller footprint with powerful cutting capability,a rapid cut laser to achieve 6000W cutting efficiency.
Boost productivity of 30-50% cutting efficiency.
compared to multi-module laser,the YLR-3000 is single module ,smaller fiber optic core thus having more concentrated energy. the laser is equipped with 50 micro output fiber and can be used over a dynamic operating range from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile through entire range.
The laser enables a thin steel laser cut a super amazing rapid cutting experience.

Take cutting 1mm plate as example,showing cutting parameters of YLR-3000 single module laser generator and YLS-3000 multi-module laser.

Test result giving in the charts :
when laser-cut 1mm thin steel of alternative materials of CS,SS ,the cut speed of YLR-3000 is 30-50% faster than that from YLS-3000, the efficiency is similar to that YLS-6000 ,in other word,
to finish a certain throughput of processing, a laser machine equipped with YLR-3000 takes only 2-3 days for actual 5 days work .

No burr ,no secondary finishing needed.

Beneficial from its inborn advantage-high centered energy, YLR-3000 provides better cut edge finish. 3mm aluminum laser-cut ,no dross ,no burr,no subsequent debarring or finish,a laser to get excellent cutting quality in a single cut cycle.
Smaller structure, compact design

save jobshop layout.

Briefing for introducing IPG YLS laser,YLS laser are modular with the output of several fiber laser modules combined into a single output laser ,in the likely event of a module failure ,the remaining modules will immediately compensate for the loss by the remaining the output power and allowing for the part cutting to continue without interruption. Anyway,it has higher price.

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