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How is China Cypcut Control System ?

How is China Cypcut Control System ?

  • 2019/01/07

What is Cypcut Laser Control System ? where does cypcut come from ? Is it good to use China cypcut control software?

Not a few China fiber laser cutting machine users may have asked above questions. At present ,the cost-effective laser control system has been widely used in all Chinese Laser manufacturers companies. Compared to all other cnc control , the software has many functions that absolutely meet laser processing requirements. Common operators can skillfully operate a laser cutting machine after only one week training. Guangzhou Baisheng Laser has hundreds of thousand laser users work with  cypcut .

About Cypcut



Established in year 2007 in Shanghai China. And in year of  2012,the company entered fiber laser cutting filed and  begined to  supply FSCUT series of laser cutting control system and BCS100 Independent Capacitor Height Control.


Cypcut (6.3.712.9)

1.Automatic optimization of imported drawings.

2.Concise parameters setting:

Micro Joint,lead ,cooling point, compensate,,Bridge,Measure, Fillet,Release.

Powerful editing tools for large-scale or bulk modifications.

3.Feasible control bar for processing.- it supports  floating coordinate system and workpiece coordinate system. It not only meets the demand of flexible production, but also facilitates mass production.

4. Abundant local statistics

5. Accurate tracking-edge supports Photoelectric edge searching and Capacitor tracking-edge.

6. Rectification of deviation or offset from dual drive gantry.

CypCut provides common drawing functions, which can be easily used from the left drawing toolbar. Most of these drawing functions are similar to AutoCAD, and they are also very intuitive to use. The software has a variety of user-friendly graphics operating functions, simple and quick to get started.

Supports multiple files

Cypcut software supports graphic data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, and LXD, accepts international standard G codes generated by Master Cam, Type3, and other software, and automatically optimizes when external files such as DXF are opened/imported, saving time and efficiency.

Real-time frequency and power curve

In order to obtain high-quality acute and right angles, the software is equipped with real-time frequency and power curves, and the power of the laser radiation is automatically adjusted according to the speed of movement of the cutting head. When the cutting head is at zero speed (at the time when the corner is stopped), the output radiant power is equal to the minimum power set in the setting to prevent burnout of the corners.

Standard material library

Cypcut software reads the special material library, selects the corresponding material library parameters according to different materials, and modifies the storage operation.

Rich process layer interface

CypCut provides 16 layers, and each layer can be individually set including cutting speed, laser power, air pressure, cutting height and other process parameters. The color of each layer is unique, which is convenient for browsing and configuring cutting graphics parameters.

Simple software

The simplicity of the Cypcut software allows you to shorten the time the mid-level expert learns the basic work of the machine. The work cost of mid-level experts will be much lower than highly intelligent experts, which will have a positive impact on production costs. Cypcut software also offers free upgrades. The software also allows monitoring and control of the installation system: tracking systems, cooling systems, lasers, and viewing node logs.

Automatic Height Control





Work voltage

24V DC/2A

Sampling rate


Static measure accuracy


Dynamic measure accuracy


Max speed


Max acceleration speed


Capacitance catastrophe suppression


Minimum Continuing Rigidity Requirement


DA resolution

16 bit

DA Zero drift


DA response


Working condition

0-55 Humidity:5%-95% no dew

Mainly Performance

1.The following speed upper limit depends on the upmost speed of servo motor revolution and ball-screw travel.For 10mm ball-screw and 6000rpm servo motor,the height control following speed reaches up to 1000mm/s.

2.adaptable to any cutting head and nozzles. Parameters self-adaption

3.supports edges searching and tracking,automatic alarming once exceeds the edges.

4. support leapfrog head up-lifting, piercing by segmentation. Lifting height arbitrary setting .

The BCS100 self-contained capacitor height adjuster (abbreviated as BCS100) adopts a closed-loop control method to control the laser-cutting capacitor follower and provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface. It is easy to implement high-speed automatic tracking and sharing with Cypcut software. Section perforation, progressive perforation, edge-seeking cutting, frog-leaping lifting, cutting head elevation setting, flight optical path compensation, etc. The BCS100 adopts a double-closed-loop algorithm with speed and position. Its performance, such as speed and accuracy, is significantly better than similar products at domestic and abroad market.

The following functions are implemented in the system:

Burning "jump".When the material burns, the optical head rises to the jumping height set by the operator. Since the head is raised, the metal melt does not fall on the nozzle portion, and cannot be led out or the entire optical head is malfunctioned. Cut further from the set distance.

Burn "fly". This method can significantly reduce the processing time of the sheet because it does not cut every detail individually, but instead cuts all the contours into a straight line. The high-speed optical head delivers the entire sheet line by line, cutting out the contours of the corresponding segments. Save time is especially noticeable when cutting perforated grids.

The above is a brief introduction of the control .should there is any doubts and queries ,pls contact Baisheng Laser for details.

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