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  • Characteristics of Co2 Fiber Laser Cutting
    • Jan 07,2019

    The Characteristics of the CO2 Laser Cutting Machine High quality CO2 laser cutting machines uses a mixture of gases to generate the laser beam. The high voltage required in the resonator for the excitation of gas is generated by wear-free semiconductor modules, which are small, efficient and reliable. CO2 laser cutting technology is suitable for cutting different materials, plates, wood, acrylic,...

  • Tube And Pipe Laser Cutting Update
    • Jan 07,2019

    Tube and pipe Laser Cutting Machine Update As we all know , especially to most metal fabricators that metal cutting lasers are nothing new. Introduced to the metal fabrication industry decades ago, their use is so widespread. But mostly we saw that laser cutting application is for sheet metal processing, actually laser processing tube and pipes are very common and popular in recently years , espec...

  • A Useful Guide to Buying your First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    • Apr 10,2019

    A Useful Guide to Buying Your First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Fabrication - How to Choose your First Laser ? What is the advice to buy a new fiber laser? Buying your first fiber laser cutting machine-everything you need to know. What to look out for if you want to get into laser metal processing  and you're after your first first laser? Fig 1: Fiber Laser of all kinds When you're ...

  • Handheld Laser Welding Head and laser welding machine
    • Jul 24,2019

    Laser welding applications are becoming wider and wider ,portable laser welding is popular nowadays! Here is the introduction of  Hand-held movable  laser welding head ND18 from China WSX brand ,WSXLASER company. 1.This welding head could be widely used in complex and irregular welding process such as cabinets, kitchen, staircase, shelf, gridiron, stainless steel door and window guardrai...

  • New Way to Fast Align the Laser beam with Integrated Co2 Tube Red Pointer
    • Jul 26,2019

    New technology ,New way to align co2 laser beam ! Advanced Laser tube with red pointer ,Less Work for co2 laser beam alignment ! much easier to align the laser beam.there is sheer unnecessory to press “pulse” each step before adjusting the screws. Laser mirror alignment and lens focusing is necessory before cutting or engraving for the co2 laser machine. Right now ,there is a new kind of lalser tu...

  • Trends in the China laser cutting machine market
    • Jul 30,2019

    Trends in the China laser cutting machine market. How is the market for fiber laser in China ? We can see more and more fiber laser cutting machine using in metal fabrication ,not only used in job shops that provide contract processing service ,but more and more production companies are using fiber laser cutting machine in-house producing their own products . In the next 8 years, China's laser cut...

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