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Excellent High-Power Laser CNC Control System FSCUT8000 Hypcut for High Speed Laser Machining

Excellent High-Power Laser CNC Control System FSCUT8000 Hypcut for High Speed Laser Machining

  • 2020/01/04

CNC machining is the computer-controlled process of forming metal into fabricated components AS We know there are not a few Types of CNC Controls  in metal fabrication ..:beoff .ESA ,PA8000,Simens,Fanuc,Heidenhain.Mitsubish,Haas.Mazak.Hurco.

Cincina etc.

Modern CNC Control Systems for High Speed Machining.Following is the introducing new China excellent control sytem from Friendness company : FSCUT FS8000 bus control sytem :”Hypcut “control for high power laser cutting machine.

 Features and Function:

The processing and layout are separated, and the processing system supports the necessary graphic optimization function. That not only ensures the stability of the processing system, but also easy to use. “ plan” supports interconnection with upper nesting cypnest to realize remote network to push processing task and manage the local processing data, automatically generate statistical reports to analyze the production efficiency of machine tools. The” production” module is the main module, which supports flexible / batch dual mode processing, and is supplemented by automatic function modules such as capacitance edge searching to realize various types, large batch and other production requirements

The module supports DXF, LXD, G, NC and other graphic data formats, and accepts the international standard g generation generated by actcut, lantek and other systems. It is convenient for users to quickly import external graphic proofing and debugging technology. 

 The “nine small cells grid “mode  highly integrates , manages and makes data statistics of multiple core modules of the equipment, which is convenient for users to quickly solve equipment problems and collect and analyze abnormal data, and understand the information of various components using. The "maintenance" module counts the operation status of each equipment of the machine tool, and gives reasonable maintenance, repair and maintenance suggestions to users according to the preset warning threshold. Extend the mean time between failures of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and protect the long term performance of the equipment. Support editing and optimization of drawings right on the interface reducing production preparation time. Support high-speed capacitance edge searching, improve the production efficiency of standard sheet metal. Visual surplus material reproduction and safety monitoring. What you see is what you get. Drag the part to the top of the remnant for quick machining. Automatic nozzle cleaning, nozzle replacement, drawing switching, floating head calibration, laser alignment, equipment maintenance and production auxiliary module opening / importing DXF and other external files, automatic optimization, including: removing duplicate lines, merging connecting lines, removing minimal graphics, automatically distinguishing internal and external models and sorting, etc. It supports lightning piercing, multi-level piercing, progressive piercing, pre piercing and group pre piercing, and supports setting separate duty cycle, frequency, laser form, gas type, air pressure, peak power, delay, follow height, etc. for the piercing process and cutting process. Edit the real-time frequency and power curve, and set the parameters related to slow start. Processing breakpoint memory, breakpoint forward and backward tracing; support positioning to any point in the process of stop and pause, and start processing from any position. Powerful expansion capability, more than 30 PLC process editing, more than 50 programmable process 1 programmable input and output port, programmable alarm and early warning input

Foshan Baisheng Laser company is contributing supplying his customers with best metal laser cutting solution with right laser control system.Of its high-power laser cutting machine solutions 8KW 10KW 12KW laser ,HYPCUT,ESA,PA8000 are the standard configurations ,not a few users are running bslaser machine with such system.


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