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A Useful Guide to Buying your First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

A Useful Guide to Buying your First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • 2019/04/10

A Useful Guide to Buying Your First Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Fabrication - How to Choose your First Laser ? What is the advice to buy a new fiber laser?

Buying your first fiber laser cutting machine-everything you need to know. What to look out for if you want to get into laser metal processing  and you're after your first first laser?

Fig 1: Fiber Laser of all kinds

Fiber Laser machine

When you're buying a fiber laser, the range of laser types, laser source brand , cutting table size ,the max cutting capability for the varieties of materials and component options can be bewildering. Let us steer you through your choices and help you find the right laser for you.

1.Choose the right laser power according to its Cutting Capability

laser  power

SS/mass production mm

CS/mass production

Al/Brass(gas N2)













































There are some advice.

1.fabricators should know exactly what materials he will cut and theirs max thickness .

Pls note that cutting range for a laser source :the max limit thickness ,is just for making samples of simple drawing. And thickness for mass production significates that it can be laser-cut an entire sheet .large throughput processing.

2.high power laser sources have high cutting performance for thick SS ,highly reflective materials copper/brass/aluminum, while 3000-12000w laser for cutting CS ,the cutting capability for different thicknesses is similar.

3.Single module laser source excels at cutting thin sheet steel cause it has more  sharp and concentrated laser spot,  while multiple-module laser has more better performance on cutting thick sheet metal because its smooth laser spot..

For example :A 1500W IPG(single module) cuts 1mm SS at speed 40-45m/min ,while  a 2000W IPG (multiple module) only cuts it at 25-35m/min.

3.If fabricator needs to cut highly reflective materials like copper , brass,aluminum ,,it is necessary and recommend to choose higher power laser.

4.Choose laser source brand on your budget basis. China Price of Raycus laser generator is lower than IPG .

2. cutting table size options.

Standard worktable is 3015 ,3000*1500mm, it meets mostly common sheet steel 1220*2440mm. common thin steel width 500-1500mm…

If you need to cut bigger sheet ,work table of laser should be 2000*4000mm ,2000*6000,or 2500*6000mm..

Fig2:F6020HE vs F3015E  ,big and small laser machine.

3, About flatbed single table and shuttle table or called pallet changer.

A smaller job shop that has not much shop floor space ,fabricators could choose the singe table laser machine.

Shuttle table will occupy more shop floor,double of that of single table but it saves a lot of the laser processing cycle.

high-powered resonator and fast carriage are necessary for laser cutting speeds,but the cutting cycle includes two other processes that also can have big influences on cycle time :loading and unloading. Shuttle table or pallet changers are the effective measure for the hunt for efficiency-this allows laser to cut one one pallet while ,on the other,an operator unload processed parts and loads raw materials. This shorten the downtime in between sheets to at least approximately 30 seconds. And the pallet changer will come with additional automation ,like automatic load/unload systems and multishelf towers. Therefore,if shop floor is big enough and laser source power exceeds at least 1000W ,pallet changer could be a choice for higher efficiency.

4. Sheet metal laser processing or metal tube laser processing or both combination ?

Fig 3: dual-use laser or professional laser tube cutting machine.

It is easier for buyer to make a decision for choosing his desired laser machine type for sheet metal processing or for tube processing. Anyway there is some kinds of dual-use or say dual-purpose fiber laser that can process both tube and flat sheet-Baisheng Laser F3015BE is such kind of laser.Of course ,if talking about tube cutting accuracy and speed, professional laser tube cutting machine -like Baisheng F6015GE, F6020GE, F6030GE is better than dual-use laser , afterall cutting tube and pipe is an additional function as a supplementary to a flat sheet laser. Another way to think about it ,a dual-use tube and plate laser can save job shop floor and save cost for another tube cutting laser machine . It can help fabricator provide more feasible processing service with less budget when tube and pipe processing is not the major laser-cut and not in harsh requirement.

5. About Laser operation software:

There are a few cnc control software. CypCut/CypTube from China ,at present widely used in China and also in the world. Compared to some more cnc control software “PA,Beckoff,Siemens.. CypCut/CypTube is more easier to operate and  get trained, economic….for details ,please refers to machine seller.

6. About assist gas-Gas gives the big assist in Laser Cutting

Assist gas aids cutting via an exothermic reaction(with oxygen) and ecacuates molten materials.It is more partner than assistant,working in tandem with the laser beam.

Laser-cut with assisted gases include N2, O2 and Clean compressed air.

Normally laser-cut SS by assisted gas N2 ,mild steel by O2 ,Aluminum/copper by N2.

Cutting with air has become more popular through the year .Fabricators use it primarily on thin materials, where there’s not much of an edge to look at.

To a new buyer ,cost of gases need to be considered.

Conclusion: how to choose your first fiber laser cutting machine, buyer needs to consider laser power , shop floor ,budget.. It is recommend to discuss with seller for a right solution.

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