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Baisheng Laser overcoming the impact of coronavirus disease with much orders and safe production

Baisheng Laser overcoming the impact of coronavirus disease with much orders and safe production

  • 07 Mar, 2020

China Baisheng Laser Company fights for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) March 2020

Spring is coming, corona is gone.The whole coutry is trying the best to overcome the impact of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to clinch a complete victory in the fight against poverty.

After undergoing an impact, Baisheng Laser has been accumulating energy for more than a month and has now fully ready to fight for order.

The total overseas order amount on March , 2020  will  reach 10 million RMB, and the single order amount reached 2 million CNY !

Thanks to all our friends for their choice and trust, Baisheng Laser will always insist on making more professional and better laser equipment.

Since the resumption of work, Baisheng Laser has continuously signed new orders, and each department has its own responsibilities to spare no effort to seize market share.

The foreign trade department acts as a forward fighter and faces Alibaba's March Expo 2020.Inquiries have continued and the first new orders worth millions have been successfully obtained.

The sales department acts as a combat force, actively invite customers online, and safely take customers offline to visit the factory and inspect the machine.They took the initiative to sign 12 sets of high-power laser cutting machines!

The marketing department acts as an air force fleet, increasing online operations investment, designing product promotion posters, making promotional videos, bombing the market on a large scale, and providing guns and ammunition to the sales department and foreign trade department to ensure output.

Production and shipping departments serve as regular marines. In the face of increasing orders, they fought around the clock day and night to keep cranes and freight vehicles busy, and strive to send the machines to domestic and foreign customer as soon as possible.


Current market environment is undergoing drastic changes, opportunities and challenges coexist. Lots enterprises are facing smaller batch, high cost and tight delivery problems etc.

How to set up long-term plan and achieve success in a rapidly changing market environment?

Baisheng laser cutting machine can finish excellent metal cutting, which helps to improve production efficiency and quality, improve flexibility in metal processing, get more profit.

Wait or invest now?

Baisheng laser contact for advice.

Baisheng laser is a National high-tech enterprise, with professional R&D team over 100 people, 16 years manufacturing experiences, high quality laser equipment. 110,000 m2 production base to ensure fast market supply and soonest delivery. Factory direct sale, reducing intermediate sales maximum profit to customers. 200+ service points all over the world, providing excellent before-sales and after-sales service, regular free maintenance and upgrade.

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