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Baisheng Laser In-house Expo and Year End Promotion Ceremony

Baisheng Laser In-house Expo and Year End Promotion Ceremony

  • 29 Dec, 2019

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to All Baisheng old and new customers. On 28th Dec 2019 ,Baisheng took opportunity of the year-end leisure days to hold an in-house exhibition ,exhibiting all baisheng high quality laser cutting machines in his own company including high power 12KW ,8KW ,6kw laser machine ,big tube laser cutting machine ,laser welder ,handheld laser welding machine.ABB laser robot arm cutting and welding.Up to 220 sales persons and reception people, 30 engineers etc were standing by on the show to give a seamless service to all visitors.

It was a sunny day ,Chinese customers from major cities around the country came to join the show .Some customers are from Shandong province ,Shanghai city, Chongqin city ,thank  you very much for coming a long way to

attend the exhibition.Baisheng crew were waitting ,expecting honored guests to come .

Application engineers from Foshan Baisheng were standing by beside of laser machines ,operated the machind ,cut samples as requested .

Tube laser cutting machine ,F6015GE is popular models ,it cuts 20-150mm diameter round tubes and 110mm square pipe ,semi-automated feeding pipe attachment is cost-effective.

F6020GE  is more advanced compared to F6015GE , installed with most advanced 5000B control system ,servo motor real-time support tube funcition ,make the machine cut more accurately and faster .

This year 2019 ,6KW laser machine seems more popular than before ,fabricators would like to use higher power laser to cut thicker SS and some highly reflective materials ,like copper ,aluminum.

Some visitors are from sheet metal wholesale market ,such customers fancy 12KW laser to cut big thick sheets.

Laser-cut samples with fine edge quality satisfied visitors much,also the engineers showed their professionality ,after checking machine and our full series production line ,

they were happy to give orders to Baisheng ,on-site signing contract became easy job....

thank you for the orders for laser cutting machine ,it is a win-win expo. All buyers were happy with the deals -Good price for a factory direct ,high quality band laser.

Soon after China lunar new year ,the buyers can get their new ordered laser cutter to put them in production without delay!

Pls enjoy the enjoy fabulous and exciting performance and delicious food.

Here ,Baisheng laser invites all metal fabricator in 2020,we promise to build high quality laser machine with lower competitive price ,try all our effort to build cost-effective China brand fiber laser cutting machine.

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