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Baisheng Laser Exhibition in Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition 2020

Baisheng Laser Exhibition in Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition 2020

  • 03 Jul, 2020

One of the most inferential machine tool exhition in China, held in Shanghai .

As usual, China Foshan Baisheng laser company is attending the exhibition ,displaying its leading laser tube cutting machine F6020GE ,and flat sheet laser cutting machine with pallet changer fully enclosed cover F3015HDE .and handheld laser welding machine .Cutting samples of fine edges quality ,different shapes are showing on spot.

It is hard time for the world because of covid-19 ,any fabrication milll and shops even and still there are strong demand for laser in China market.In year 2020,more metal fabricators will consider buying high-powered laser cutting machine,3kw

4kw 6kw,12kw .cutting more thick sheet and at higher speed are new target.

The hand-held laser welding machine uses the hand-held welding gun to replace the previous fixed optical path. It is flexible and convenient for hand welding, with longer welding distance. It overcomes the limitation of the working table size and can not be used when the workpieces size are not uniform. It is mainly used for welding large workpieces, fixed positions such as inner right angle, outer right angle, plane weld. During welding, the heat affected area is small, the deformation is small, the welding depth is large, and the welding is firm. It is a new and flexible welding technology for long distance welding of large workpiece.


Laser power :1000/1500W

advantage of the FSC001 handheld  laser welding machine

1/material welded by self-melting,no base materials needed.2/deeper penetration and higher welding strength. 3/welding surface is bright and smooth ,no need for polishing ,3/less heat input with little thermal deformation 4/efficiency improved several times than traditional arc welding 5/welding of different materials ,carbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum etc 6/different welding type ,butt joint lap joint, corner joint ,flanging joint, 7/environment friendly ,little smoke during welding .

1000W Weld thickness: Carbon steel:0.5mm2.0mm Stainless steel:0.5mm2.0mm Aluminum: 0.5-1.5mm

1500W Weld thickness: Carbon steel:0.5mm3.0mm Stainless steel:0.5mm3.0mm Aluminum: 0.5-2mm

Not a few visitors are curious of the tube laser .The laser 6020GE has a dimension of 9*1.8*2.35M .Integrated with the advanced laser tube bus control control FSCUT5000 .The control allow the laser cuts H section,L sections, U section ,profiles besides of ordinary round pipe ,square pipe ,rectangle tube ,oval .triangle tube ,shaped pipe etc.... pipe outer diameter 10-220mm...The machine powered by 1kw-4kw laser source, laser- cut ordinary wall thickness 0.5-7mm with better finish.pipe length max 6150mm.

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